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The BIOS Center for the Study of Life Sciences, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Society was an international center for research and policy on the social aspects of these life sciences and biomedicine, based at the London School (LSE), Direct and Current Expenditure. England. It was founded in 2002 by Professor Nicholas Rose, an eminent British sociologist.

About Is Bios

bios is the London School of Economics’ vast interdisciplinary center for research in line with the latest developments in everyday science, biomedicine and biotechnology. This is a good joint initiative of the sister department of sociology and the Institute of Social Psychology, often with the support of the faculties of state and law, and then the Center for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences.

BIOS supports postdoctoral fellows, visiting professors, visiting professors, and graduate students with the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council, and other key support organizations.

The BIOS philosophy is based on empirical and conceptually challenging research conducted byIn close collaboration with life medicine researchers and policy makers. Issues include justice, power, then inequality, geopolitics, social and individual identity.

Current cutting-edge research projects focus on regenerative health sciences, social aspects of neuroscience, as well as psychopharmacology, biosecurity, biopolitics, bioeconomics, translational biology, and bioethics. BIOS runs a challenging Master’s program in Biomedicine and Society that attracts students from many social and housing disciplines.

bios lse

The BIOS community of more than 55 researchers includes a large number of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, academics and visiting professors, as well as assistant professors.

The Director of the BIOS is Martin White, Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics, Professor Nicholas Rose, who recently received an ESRC Professorial Grant for a three-year project entitled “Brain, Personality and Society in My 21st Century”.



InExternal Links

  • ENSN European Neuroscience and Society Network
  • ESF of the European Science Foundation
  • LSE BIOS Center can be on Facebook. To connect to the LSE BIOS Center, please sign in or create an account.

    The LSE BIOS Center is dedicated to Facebook. To connect to the LSE BIOS Center, please sign in or create an account.

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    Master In Biomedicine, Life Sciences And Society

    This program is administered by the Department of Sociology in collaboration with the BIOS Center for the comprehensive study of life sciences, biomedicine, biotechnology and,hence society. It offers the opportunity to explore the social aspects and implications of recent developments in the life sciences, biomedicine and biotechnology at the UK’s only dedicated social sciences finance institution. The program offers: Teaching by your staff who are actively involved in ongoing research into the online aspects and implications of the life sciences, biomedicine and biotechnology, as well as their areas of online sciences, both in the Department of Sociology and in a number of sectors and institutes associated with the session (including anthropology, geography and environment, health studies, law, philosophy, social policy, and social psychology).An opportunity to benefit from the exciting range of analytics projects and staff associated with this BIOS research center.The opportunity to consolidate or expand your knowledge using the social aspects of the life sciences and biomedicine, through a two-semester foundation course of the program on key issues in biomedicine and the life sciences community, in additionto choose from a complex and general range of elective courses.An alternative to empirical work on your entire dissertation on a specific aspect of the social aspects and implications associated with recent developments in the life sciences and biomedicine.Curriculum suitable for people with different needs: people with a medical background, possibly in the life sciences, wishing to change careers, social aspects of the life sciences; those with an interest in the sociology of science and technology with particular emphasis on the life sciences and biomedicine; all aspire to a career in science policy; those of the less developed countries that wish to participate in the development of their own science and technology policies in this area of ​​intervention; those who wish are directed to expert studies of the social aspects of all life sciences.

    bios lse

    Institution: London School of Economics and Political Science
    Department: Center

    Bios Lse
    Bios Lse
    Bios Lse
    Bios Lse
    Bios Lse
    Bios Lse

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