How To Fix Arkham City Character BIOS Easily Bottom Right

Recently, some of our readers reported having come across the Arkham City character biographies below on the right. Joker.scarecrow.Harley Quinn.Arkham Knight.Hugo Strange.Poison ivy.Riddler.

gamegyro45 10 years ago#1

The last few years. Bottom right next to Bane.


I guess I was looking inCalendar Man puzzles how to do it. However, I didn’t do any of the Calendar Man’s missions. Do I need to complete missions to get a bio?

gamegyro4510 decades ago#one
character bios arkham city bottom right

I’ve looked for puzzles in the calendar before. However, I did not achieve the goals of the Calendar Man. Do you have to like missions to get a biography?

How do you change characters on Batman Arkham City?

Once you complete the main story as a whole, you can switch between playing as Catwoman and playing as Batman while exploring Arkham City. To do this, look for groups of cats lying together: you can switch between each of our two characters at these provoked points by pressing the left mouse button.

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2 Level 1 year ago

Jim Gordon is too tied up. Any other character using both a first and last name is ranked by their working name. However, Harley Quinn is just stalking him and her place is probably based on her last name.

character bios arkham city bottom right

I’m playing the game with 360 controls and it works fine, except that every time I pause the game or look at the Riddler’s map/updates/challenges/character bio, I’d say the mouse pointer appears in place residence on the screen. It does not affect the gameplay in any way, but in general it is very annoying – is there a way to close this? I’ve been digging through long game options and couldn’t get anything.

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캐릭터 바이오스 아캄시티 우측하단
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