Best Way To Fix Print Debug Trace

Here are a few simple methods that should help you fix the debug print issue.

Definition And Usage

How do you debug a backtrace?

You can stop the trace at any time by typing the frame break character, usually C-c . Similarly, but print only the innermost northern frames. Similarly, but print only what you see, n extreme frames. The names by which and the information stack (information blocks for short) are additional aliases for tracing.

This function displays the statistics of the code passed through the to debug_print_backtrace() function.


Parameter Values

Settings Description Parameters Optional. Specifies a bitmask for the following service: DEBUG_BACKTRACE_IGNORE_ARGS (should the “args” index be forgotten and which function/method arguments should save memory) limit Optional. Limits the number of displayed images. By default (limit=0) prints all loaded frames

Technical Details

Return value: No PHP version: 5.0+ PHP Changelog: PHP 5.4: added optional parameter pindown
PHP 3.6: added parameter option option

PHP Error Reference


Try it yourself”

This file consists of Unicode bidirectional text, which may be viewed or compiled differently than the media below. To verify this, open Instigate in an editor that displays invisible Unicode characters. Learn more about bidirectional Unicode characters

This database contains Unicode bidirectional text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than shown below. To inspect a file, share it in an editor to see the hidden unicode characters. Learn more about bidirectional Unicode characters
debug print backtrace

debug_print_backtrace- Print trace


cancel debug_print_backtrace ([integer $options 0 = [, integer $limit 0 equals ]] )



Since 5.3.6 this parameter is a bitmask for valid options:

debug options_print_backtrace()

Should this “args” index be omitted, and generally all function/method arguments, in secure memory.

How do I debug PHP?

Look for PHP extensions in VS Code.Install the PHP debug extension.Click Refresh to actually reload VS Code.Install xdebug.Now that you have the correct version, place it in the PHP/ext directory.You then need to configure PHP to use the extension and enable remote IT support debugging.

Starting from versionand 5.4.0, this setting can be extended to limit the number of stack frames printed. In case of non-payment (limit=0), all stack frames will be printed.

Return Values

No value can be returned.

Change Log

Version Description

Added optional parameter limit.

debug print backtrace

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