Troubleshooting Tips Parameter Error 3708

In this user guide, we are going to uncover some of the possible causes that might cause parameter error 3708 and after that, we are going to offer some possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

First, because you’re working with Parameters.Refresh, you don’t need to add your company settings to the collection settings. Instead, you should use the following format when applying values ​​that are your inputs:

cmd.Parameters.Item(Input_Variables(i).Name).Value = Input_Variables(i).Value

You have been hit by a commented line in your VBA code. I assume you have tried this before. However, you are using your Input_Variables(i).Value example with single quotes ('). You should not. You just need to make sure the value you are passing is bound to the same type as our parameter. (NOTE: In your case, all your own Input_Variables are strings, so your Input_Variables aspect will only work on stored objects that only have parameters of type String.Equal )

error 3708 parameter

this applies to your output variables. However, you probably don’t need or want to care about them unless you’re actually using each of them as input and output parameters.

One of your days offparameters is also of type VARCHAR(MAX). Calling Parameters.Refresh will likely set the Size parameter to 2,147,483,647, which is the maximum constructive value of type LongadVarChar parameter is actually 1 less than this value (2 147 483 646 ). I think it’s best to have a projector at the ready without too much attention. Leaving the size at 2,147,483,647 will result in an error that only one person will receive.

You have three ways to solve the problem of using ADO with the VARCHAR(MAX) parameter in VBA. (For several options below, use the value 2147483646, but several values ​​can be greater than 0 and less than 2147483647):

  1. If you’re using Parameters.Refresh to automatically adjust a set of parameters in your command, you can manually skip setting all sizes of VARCHAR(MAX) output parameters to shorten them a bit . on 2147483647:

    cmd than.Parameters.Item(Output_Variables(i).Name).Size = 2147483646
  2. I And specify that VARCHAR sections of your stored procedure smaller than 2 147483647 are moved up:

    @SP_Message VARCHAR(2147483646) = OUTPUT
  3. Or ” don’t use Parameters.Refresh but instead create all your own parameters manually and add those products to the command collection. A giveaway like this will be added to your parameter output:

    cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter(Output_Variables(i).Name, _    adVarChar, _    adparaminputoutput, _     2147483646)

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    dynamic member [FIXED]

    Runtime Error “3708”

    Hello everyone.

    When querying an Oracle database, I get the last line of the following code: “Run-time error 3708. The parameter object was simply not defined correctly. Inconsistent or incomplete information was provided”

    A to param1.Value proofno “‘CBC%'” The (with double quotes and people)

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Please ask for any help.


    error 3708 parameter

    Dim conn1 As ADODB.Connection    Dim As cmd1 ADODB.Command   Dim rs1 as ADODB.Recordset        Dim param1 As ADODB.Parameter   Dim param2 As ADODB.Parameter    Sun param3 Same as ADODB. parameter   Dim param4 As ADODB.Parameter    Dim As param5 ADODB.Parameters        Set conn1 = new ADODB.Connection    conn1.Open("UserID=Apps;Password=Apps;DataSource=PRODL;Provider=MSDAORA.1")        Set cmd1 = New ADODB.Command    cmd1.ActiveConnection equals conn1        cmd1.CommandText = "SELECT MAX(SUBSTR(h.doc_number,(INSTR(h.doc_number,'*')+1)))" _                        &" FROM inc_doc_headers h, ra_customers c, inc_invoicing_locations il, inc_doc_seq_numbers sn, fnd_user u" _                        &" WHERE c.customer_id implies h.customer_id" _                        &" AND sn.invoicing_location_id implies il.invoicing_location_id" _                        & "And u.user_id implies h.created_by" _                        & " And h.doc_number first? And h.= header_type 'R'" _                        & inserts AND h.doc_date >= '1-dec-11'" _                        & in AND h.doc_date <= '31-dec-11'" _                        & everywhere AND c.customer_name = 'Fritidsresor AB/Sweden'" _                        & " And u.user_name is like 'IPER%'"    Setting param1 implies cmd1.CreateParameter(, adChar, adParamInput, ADO_LONGPTR)    param1.Value = "'" & Me.ComboBox3.Text & "%'"    Add cmd1.Parameter.Param1

    Fout 3708 Parameter
    Oshibka 3708 Parametr
    Blad 3708 Parametr
    Parametro De Erro 3708
    Erreur 3708 Parametre
    Fel 3708 Parameter
    오류 3708 매개변수
    Fehler 3708 Parameter
    Errore 3708 Parametro
    Error 3708 Parametro

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