Troubleshooting Tips For Sibelius MIDI Input Device

In this user guide, we describe some of the possible causes that can cause the Sibelius midi input device to work, and then we suggest possible fixes that you can try to solve for this problem.

630: How To Set Up MIDI Devices In

How do I add a MIDI device in Sibelius?

Launch Sibelius and go to File, Preferences (Sibelius menu, Preferences on Mac) and just click Input Devices on the left. You should see the name of your MIDI keyboard or USB port on the right.

Most modern MIDI keyboards connect to your computer using a USB cable. Simply connecting to a computer may be enough for the computer to recognize the keyboard. Some keyboards are “class fit”, which meanstea that you do not need to install them on the drivers of vehicles. If your keyboard has a lot of buttons and sliders, you need to install drivers. The drivers are on the CD that came with the keyboard, or you can download and install them for free from the keyboard manufacturer’s website.

If your keyboard does not have a rear USB port but does have a MIDI output jack, you will need to connect it directly to your computer using a USB-MIDI interface. They are very standard, we also recommend Avid and M-Audio UNO available online at

Before connecting the USB interface, your organization must install the vehicle drives, which can be found on the original CD that came with this USB interface or on the vendor’s website.

After installing the drivers, most users will need to connect the MIDI In to the MIDI Out connector on the keyboard and the USB port to one of the USB ports on the computer.

Set Your Keyboard To High MIDI:

in Sibelius

Start Sibelius and go to File, Preferences (Sibelius, Preferences on Mac) and click Input Devices on the rest. On the right side, you should see how to find your MIDI keyboard or how to name the USB interface. There you can specify whether your MIDI input will be a keyboard or a guitar, as well as the type of keyboard anyone has. If yours is not listed, select a MIDI keyboard.

midi input device sibelius

Here you can test your personal keyboard by playing it. A flashing green light should also appear to the right of the numbers. If not, see troubleshooting steps below.

To make sure it’s just typing notes into a score, find a musical beat in your state and play the keyboard on your computer. You should see the entries displayed in the invoice.


There may be several reasons for such a position. First go to File, Preferences (or Sibelius menu, Preferences on a Mac), then check to see if your keyboard’s USB or Wind is listed. If so, check if it’s being used by checking it in the list. Play the piano and see if you can visit the flashing green light. If necessary, press OK and try typing againletters in the score

How do I use MIDI inputs?

Connect TV MIDI to a MIDI or audio interface (if available) from the MIDI OUT connector to the last external device with an actual MIDI IN connector. Set up your DAW using a MIDI keyboard and make sure the appropriate MIDI jacks or audio interfaces are connected to your DAW.

Otherwise, it means that you have connected the guitar to the computer, but the MIDI information is not reaching Sibelius on the keyboard. It’s easy to let them mess things up, in fact try swapping the MIDI input with the output, and the output with the main input.

If connecting the computer directly with a USB cable does not help, it is advisable to reinstall the drivers. The drivers on the CDs are not always the latest, so it is recommended that you always install the latest drivers, always from the manufacturer’s website.

midi input device sibelius

This is unlikely to be a Sibelius issue, as Sibelius will simply ask Windows or Mac what is connected and they will tell you exactly what it is. If nothing appears in Sibelius, it’s likely that your company’s computer still can’t see the device. To check it out:

In Windows, open Start, Control Panel, and go to Sound Settings. Unfortunately, Windows Vista and 7 only show audio devices with it, so you’ll have to read on for more help. In Windows XP, you need to open the “Sounds and other audios” control panel.Devices” and look at the “Audio” tab. Check the MIDI Devices section to see if your keyboard or MIDI interfaces are listed there. Otherwise, Sibelius will not be able to see it.

Similarly, directly on your Mac, navigate to Applications, Utilities, and open Audio-MIDI Setup. Click on the “MIDI Devices” tab at the top, you should see your keyboard and MIDI interface there. To clearly indicate that this is working, click on the quiz control at the top. When you press someone’s keyboard or MIDI interface, you hear the note being played on the keyboard. If your keyboard has no sounds, you won’t hear anything. When you play with your keyboard, you should hear a click from your Ultimate Computer’s speakers. If the keyboard or even the MIDI interface doesn’t show up at all in the Elements window, Sibelius doesn’t see it.

How do I record MIDI in Sibelius?

Step 1: Set up your new keyboard correctly. First connect your MIDI keyboard and turn it on.Step 2: Prepare for registration. Retrieve the music you signed in to save it to Sibelius.Level or higher: Adjust Flexi-Time settings.Step six: check the pace.Step 5: Register!Step 6: Correct all errors.

If your personal computer does not recognize the keyboard or MIDI interface at all, someone should download and add the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s websites. Here is a list of popular support sites for manufacturers of MIDI keyboards and MIDI computers:

Peripherique D Entree Midi Sibelius
Midi Eingabegerat Sibelius
Midi Ustrojstvo Vvoda Sibelius
Dispositivo Di Input Midi Sibelius
Dispositivo De Entrada Midi Sibelius
미디 입력 장치 시벨리우스
Midi Ingangsenhet Sibelius
Dispositivo De Entrada Midi Sibelius
Urzadzenie Wejsciowe Midi Sibelius
Midi Invoerapparaat Sibelius

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