Is Safe Mode Stopping Due To Problems With Agpcpq.sys?

If safe mode stops at agpcpq.sys on your PC, this guide should help.

The reason could be Intel Speedstep.

5. On the main screen of the gateway, press F2 or something else to enter the BIOS settings

safe mode stops at agpcpq.sys

8. Are you sure you saved the changes (Intel SpeedStep disabled)?

9. After you have saved all the settings, your computer will start as before, you should see the Windows projector screen, and if it does not start correctly, wait 5 minutes. if little or nothing, go to plan B

5. On the main screen of the gateway, press the F2 key to enter the BIOS settings

6. Enter the screen with and uncheck ALL on the Advanced tab. Disabled (see image below)

safe mode stops at agpcpq.sys

8. Are you sure you saved changes often (Advanced tab, as in the image below)

9. As soon as someone saves the configuration, your hard drive will reboot, you should visit the Windows screen, and if this item does not start normally, wait 20 minutes. if there is nothing else to plan C.

2. On the second screen, click the gateway logo, press F11 or another key to complete the gateway recovery section.

3. Select DESTROYSOLID (if you want to try burn mode, it’s up to you, don’t feel sorry for me if it doesn’t work, try it anyway, it doesn’t necessarily hurt)

5. After about 1 machine, Windows Setup recognizes each individual device. You will notice that each blue progress bar freezes half way. If yes, then the device is working properly. Just unplug the power supply.

7. Get rid of EVERYTHING beforehand, I think you had a plan B.

9. Leave your computer on. It should now go to the Throughj hardware detection screen. If you find that this is not the case, run the recovery entry again. Just make sure you disable everything before restoring it again if it crashes.

Now that Windows is up and running properly, you can re-enable EVERYTHING you disabled in the Complex tab in the BIOS setup program. there is an option to reset all bios settings to default, this is recommended. If the problem persists, try disabling all additional ads until you find the cause.

If it does not work, then this is not a private bug, but it worked for me!

The screenshots below are from our own BIOS setup. If you have portal 7322, it should look like this: Select the following:

A problem was recently discovered and Windows was shut down so as not to damage your beloved computer.

If this is the first time you see this Stop Error TV screen, restart your computer. If this monitor appears again, do the following:

Make sure you have enough disk space. If driver a is clinically diagnosed in the stop message, disable those drivers or contact the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing your video capture adapter.

Contact your hardware vendor for BIOS updates. Disable the BIOS storage option such as or caching after each move. If you need to enter safe mode to remove or disable panels, restart your computer, press F8,to select advanced boot option, then select safe mode.

  • Windows SP2 XP Hangs On Agpcpq.sys Only In Safe Mode

    to black BUT· About 16 years and 8 months ago

    I have a new Dell Dimension 4700C with Windows XP SP2. One morning I tried to boot normally, but I was presented with the XP splash screen, then this situation went black (the cursor was not blinking). Then I tried safe mode, it depended on agpcpq.sys. I then tried to save a known-good configuration. I thought I was free at home. I tried restarting and same issue. Then I tried Dell’s Windows XP Clean Install CD. This seemed to work until the screen says “Starting Windows” and also hangs at that point. I may have reinstalled the RAM.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, advice?

    Thank you for your attention!

  • to black BUT· about twelve years, 8 months ago

    Windows XP SP2 Hangs On Agpcpq. In System Comfort Mode

    I have a Dell Dimension 4700C and I’m running Windows XP SP2. This morning I tried to boot normally but got the XP loading screen and so it went black (no sport cursor). I then tried using the secure technique attached to agpcpq.sys. Then I tried Last Known Good Configuration. I thought I had a free seat. I tried restarting and same disease. I then tried several blank Windows XP installation discs from Dell. It seemed to work, the screen showed the message “Windows is also starting” and hung on it. I also reinstalled the RAM.

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