Best Way To Decide How A Subsystem Works Across Multiple Tasks

These fix recommendations are worth reading if you’re seeing the “enabled subsystem is running multiple tasks” error on your computer.

An enabled subsystem can contain anything that is locked, continued, or released. The discrete blocks of a capable subsystem execute only when the subsystem is running, and only when their clocks are synchronized with the time of the simulator. Enabled subsystems and the theme have a common clock.

    NoteIncluded subsystems easily contain GoTo blocks. However, only state areas can connect to GoTo blocks from the perspective of an enabled subsystem. See the Clutch Simulink demo model for an example of using GoTo sections in an enabled subsystem.

For example, this system discretely contains four blocks and a control signal. Separate blocks:

  • Block A with a calculation time of 0.25 seconds
  • Block B, whose calculation time is 0.5 seconds
  • Block C, subsystem included below with 0.125 second calculation period
  • Block D, also included in the subsystem, has sample time 2 of 0.25 seconds
  • SignaThe turn-on decrease is generated by a pulse generator block called Signal E, which goes from 0 1 to 0 in 0.375 seconds and back to 2 in 0.875 seconds.

    Blocks A and B execute independently of any particular enable signal because they are more part of the enabled subsystem. When the enable signal becomes positive, the CD is shifted and rotated at the assigned sample rate until the enable signal returns to zero. Notice why block C doesn’t work with three at 0.875 when the second run of the run is zeroed out.

    Create some included subsystem

    What Are Enabled Subsystems?

    EnabledSubsystems are subsystems that are executed at each simulation step.which the team reported a safe value.

    The enabled subsystem has a simple control input that can be or possibly a vector.

    • If the port is scalar, the subsystem startsme whenthe entered value is greater than zero.

    • If a real vector is used as input, the subsystem will execute anyThe one associated with vector elements is greater towards zero.

    For example, if the signal from the control port is a sine wave,The subsystem is probably turning on and off alternately. This behavior appearsin the figure, followed by an arrow pointing up means it is possible, andDisable down arrow.


    Simulink® software allows zero crossing slopeA method for independently determining whether an activation event should exist. When the signalpasses through zero and its final slope becomes positive, each of our subsystems becomesactivated. If the gradient at the intersection represents unfavorable aspects, then the entire subsystem is zero.will be disabled. Please note that the fairy subsystem is only enabled or optionally disabledwith large time steps. Therefore, if present, Zero crossing, and the index passes through zero in a small time step, then The subsystem will not be activated (or deactivated) until the next time.

    Create A Powerful Active Subsystem

    You create an excellent active subsystemby copying the port activation block and in subsystemsSubsystem block library. activation icon anda control port enable entry is added to the subsystem block.

    To set the initial conditions for working with the output blockin a subsystem, see Specifying or Inheriting Conditional Initial Values ​​for Subsystems.

    Set state when subsystem is enabled

    the enabled subsystem executes in multiple tasks

    If a valid subsystem is running,You can leave subsystem states at their own previous level.values ​​or reset them to their original state.

    To do this, open the blockSettings: activate the dialog and select the appropriateChoice of states when authorizing a couple Metro:

    • Select hold to help trigger conditionsto keep their many current values.

    • Select Resetreturn these states to their original state. However includedSubsystems reset their states when enabled, only when disabledfor at least one instance step. To reset states between subsystemswithout disabling execution using resettable subsystems. For moreSee Comparison of Resettable Subsystems and Activated Subsystems.

    the enabled subsystem executes in multiple tasks

    The subsystem has timed out while in lightweight initialization always reset on the first start after activation,whether only the configured subsystem should be redone on release or not. TOFor more information about fine-grained initialization, see Mode, Incomplete Initialization Detection.

    Note.For nested subsystems whose inclusion blocks have parametersvarious settings, environments on child subsystemsurpass those inherited from the ancestraloh subsystem.

    Exit activates the control signal

    Idea to activate block dialogsends an activation control signal. To emit a certain signal,Select the Show output port sensor checkbox.

    With this function you can – send a control signalactivated subsystem, which can be very useful when the logic insideThe activated subsystem depends on the values ​​it containscontrol signal.

    Locked 1 Enabled Subsystem Can Contain

    An activated subsystem can now contain any block, contiguous or not.or restrained. Discrete name=”zmw57dd0e32542″> is disabled when enabled.The subsystem starts only if the subsystem is running normally, and only thentheir tasting time is synchronized with the simulator’s sample time. subsystemsturned on and the celebrity is using the shared watch.

    활성화된 하위 시스템은 여러 작업에서 실행됩니다
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    Wlaczony Podsystem Wykonuje Wiele Zadan
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    Le Sous Systeme Active S Execute Dans Plusieurs Taches
    Het Ingeschakelde Subsysteem Wordt In Meerdere Taken Uitgevoerd
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