Vodafone Key Error 1158? Fix It Immediately

If you have vodafone Dongle error 1158 on your PC, we hope this guide will help you fix it.


vodafone dongle error 1158

Error codes 1128 are caused by misconfigured files in one way or another and require uninstalling and reinstalling all software drivers in most subsections.

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After you do this, there should be no signs of error 1128.

If you have other questions, please let us know.


The problem is definitely that this is a 24 bit install trying to install on a full 64 bit OS. But it should be done without any problem, unfortunately it is not done right away.

Then you need to remove the vbscript registry entry and register this tool as a 32-bit DLL.

If you are purchasing a 64-bit operating system, you must follow these steps:

Open any command prompt window as an administrator. To do this, click “Start typing cmd” in psearch box, then right-click on the attached cmd.exe program and select “Run as administrator”. Then paste the following few items into the command line and type “big success”.

This previous command removes the invalid entry for VBScript support on Windows 7 64-bit. Next, you need to verify that VBScript is displayed correctly by typing:

or just regsvr32 vbscript.dll, which is usually found in the syswow64 directory.

After completing these steps, you should be able to install the program without any problems.

For a 32-bit operation, the steps are similar, but significantly different:

Similarly, open a command prompt window as an administrator by clicking Start, typing cmd in the search box, then right-clicking on the cmd.exe program and selecting Run as administrator. Then frequently paste the following into the command prompt, so press Enter. Back

This command removes my fake entry for VBScript support on Windows 7 32-bit. Your family should then make sure the best and most efficient way to save VBScript is to type:

or just regsvr32 vbscript.dll if you’re already in the syswow64 directory.

vodafone dongle error 1158

After following these steps, you and your family can easily install the main program on any type of 32-bit version of Windows 7.

Additional notes. In my own experience, I found two component registry instances that needed to be cleared. If you find that the reg delete command is being run twice for a particular operating system, you need to take action against situations where this happens.

Contents Introduction…4 1.1 VMC Related Errors…5 VMC Error Messages…5 Error 31 or possibly ras error 619…5 Device Manager Error 31…6 SIM card not ready.. ..6 Failed to get profile / RAS 711…6 Error code 10…7 You must be on the Vodafone network to create complete connection information…8 You do not have permission to connect to this network… 8 Another program using your remote device…9 System.access violation exception…9 Runtime Error 2 Overflow…9 Windows Error 0x84000010… 9 Windows Error 0x84010384… 9 System Error 1075.. 10 Mapnot inserted… Wan 10 SDK initialization failed… 10 Unhandled exception… 10 SIM busy… 10 Memory write… 11 System.IO.FileLoadException… 11 System. Argument.NullException…11 System Argument Out of Range Value Exception: Value to Add Out of Range…12 Script Error, Disk Manager Error…12 No SIM Card…13 No Device…13 Search Network …13 The application does not display correctly when launched…14 Vodafone Mobile Connect cannot find an available network…14 Mobile connection is possible…14 OpCo.XML program error …15 “WWAN.Wrapper” program error. a computer. .. 19 modem is used or poorly designed…19 Windows RAS error codes…19 Windows ModemHelp.Net error codes…19 RAS 106…20 RAS 201…20 RAS -Error Or 0 668.. .20 RAS error 6 or Error 50…21 RAS error 608…21 RAS error 619…21 RAS error 630…22 RAS error 631. ..22 RAS error 633.. .22 RAS error 634 …24 RAS error 635…24 RAS error 638…24 RAS error 651…25 RAS error 678…25 RAS error 679.. .25 RAS error 680…26 RAS error 691. ..26 RAS error 692…27 RAS error 711…27 RAS error 717…27 RAS error 718…28 RAS error 720…28 RAS error 721…31 RAS error 734.. .31 RAS error 736…31 RAS error or 744…31 RAS error 774…32 Vodafone Group 2010 Page 2 of 44

Error RAS 777…32 RAS Error 797…36 1.3 Windows Installer Error…37 Windows Installer…37 Common InstallShield Errors…37 Error 1312…Error 37 1721 or Other Error 1722 : Installing or uninstallation related to VMC…38 Installation Wizard terminated successfully…38 Mobile Connect encountered a problem and must close…39 Install Shield error 1603 …39 Install Shield error 1607. ..40 Do you need log in as administrator… 40 Back to software installation… 40 Msiexsc.exe encountered an error… 40 ‘The shared host process from win32 services encountered a problem and must close’ and also ‘svchost application failed. exe”… 40 Windows Installer error 2738: Unable to access VBScript custom action job time… 41 1158… Error forty-one 1402: Failed to open key: .. .. 42 Error enable transform for. the data is valid…42 Glossary…44 Vodafone Group 2011 Page 3 of 44

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